Frequently Asked Questions.


How far is it to the Navy base?
It takes about 7 minutes drive to the Navy base.
We have American furniture, we are wondering if it fits Japnanese house.
Japanese houses are segmented into small rooms but Fleet Akasaki is built in Western style to meet customers’ needs for spacious rooms.
Is it in a quiet neighborhood?
It is in a quiet neighborhood in Sasebo.Fleet Akasaki is not located by main load.
I don’t speak Japanese. What should I do when I have a trouble with facilities?
Fleet Akasaki has bilingual staff members who are there to support you.
Can we take a base school bus?
There is a bus stop in front of Fleet Akasaki for the base school.
Convenient for shopping?
It is 5 minutes walk to the conveniience store and 15 minutes drive to the train station and the shopping area.
There is a new shopping mall called “Gobangai” behind the train station as well.
You can use our shuttle bus service for Gobangai shopping.
Is there a parking lot?
Fleet Akasaki has a basement parking lot. There are also parking spaces for visitors.
We are moving to Sasebo in about three months.
Are any units available when we get there?
If we have a vacant unit, we can show you around.
*Please contact us for details.